Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Facebooking has overtaken blogging.

Hi everyone it's been so long since I've posted on here.  I've been spending too much time posting on Facebook.

Since January I've been very busy.  I was working a fulltime temp job for 6 weeks for ME Bank but decided office work is not what I want to get back into so I decided to go back to school.  I'm currently studying Certificate IV in Childrens Services and I'm loving it.  6 weeks and then I'm finished.  I did placement at a kinder with 3 and 4 years olds.  I loved working with the children and watching them learn and I learnt so much from them too.  I've had a few job opportunities so hopefully when I'm done they work out for me.

Haven't had much time to sew anything to sell so I've been working on projects that I've been wanting to make for myself and the family.  Here are a few things I made before Christmas which I didn't post about.

I made a few Christmas table runners for presents so I got into table runner mode and here they are.

A Christmas table runner for my mother in law and I made one the same for my sister in law too.
WIP ~ Christmas table runner.  Will be listing this in my shop when finished.

WIP ~ Christmas table runner.  Will be listing this in my shop when finished.
Christmas table runner for my mum.
I also had a custom order quilt to make before Christmas.  The customer requested Minnie Mouse fabric, lots of pink and also personalised.  I love how it turned out so cute and girly.  She loved it.

I have lots more to show you but won't overload you with photos.

Have a great day.


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mariondee-designs said...

Hi Carol, so nice to hear from you. Glad to hear you are loving your new interest. I'm sure you'll love working with children. My Lisa works in childcare too and she loves it. She comes home with the funniest stories sometimes! Love all your Christmas quilts too, they are all so intricate. I'm afraid I wouldn't have the patience for that. I haven't sewn in a while either .. just haven't had the mojo. Probably because my son bought a house a few months ago and we have been helping him renovate it plus working on my garden too.. I don't feel like doing much else. Lisa keeps telling me to start up a FB a/c but I'm scared I'll be on there all the time like my kids are.. 24/7 on FB. Blogging (or reading blogs) is bad enough. Oh well, that's life now isn't it. You might see me on there one day.. bye for now, take care, Maryann