Thursday, February 18, 2010


I love fabric and I have way too much and I shouldn't be buying anymore but I couldn't help myself.  I bought a kit to make this gorgeous quilt.  When I saw this quilt I fell in love and had to have the fabrics.  I will make it one day after I have finished all the other projects on my list.

Had a busy weekend it was Jarrod's birthday on Saturday he turned 11.  He invited a few friends over and they wanted KFC and pizza's.......yummy........there goes the diet again.

and speaking of diets.  I forgot to post about my weight loss after my 6 week check a few weeks ago.  Maybe because I wasn't that excited about it I didn't lose anything.  Well I lost half a kilo which is nothing to brag about.  Too much eating while we were away on holiday but at least I didn't put anything on.  I have dropped a dress size which I'm happy about and I feel alot better and have bought myself some new clothes.  I've been really good the last few weeks so fingers crossed I have a good result next weigh in.

The quilt I posted about in the previous post is now at the quilters  and I started on some orders.  One down........

Friday is my hubby's birthday we are going out for dinner.............oh no more food!!!! 

And I forgot to post about Julia's birthday.  She was upset with me that I didn't post about her birthday so here she is.  Her birthday was January 14 and she turned 9 years old.  We celebrated while we were at the beach house. 

Ok back to more sewing.  Have a great weekend.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I finally got my baby back.  She is all fixed and has been working overtime.  Now I can visit all your blogs again.

I'm late posting about our holiday but with no computer I have a good excuse. 

We have a beach house in Rye and from Christmas to the end of January almost every man and his dog are on holiday along the peninsula it's a great time to be there.  We went up a few days after New Years day and stayed a few weeks.  We had great weather and spent alot of time at the beach and had lots of breakfasts, lunches and dinners at the cafes in Sorrento, Rye and Rosebud.  Not good for my diet.  Here are a few photos.  I'm not in many photos I was the photographer.

On the beach

At the Rye Carnival

Walking along the pier

We had a great time but we also had some dramas.  Julia got her little finger squashed in a foor at the Rosebud Plaza.  It was cut open so we had to call the ambulance and we ended up at the emergency department at the Frankston hospital.  They told us that it was broken and badly cut and that she needed surgery.  So a few days later we went back to the hospital and she had the surgery done.  It all went well and her finger is starting to look normal.  She will lose her old nail but a new one will grow back in a few months.  Here is a photo with her bandage a week after her surgery.

We also went strawberry picking at Sunnyridge Farm and visited the Maze but I forgot to take the camera with me. 

Now it's back to routine again.  I have a few orders to do that I got before christmas so I have been busy with those and also making this quilt for my good friend and neighbour.  She has helped me so much with looking after my kids and does so much for me.  I'm going to give this quilt to her for her birthday in March.

Here it is on my design wall before piecing

Here it is after I've pieced it with the sashings

These are not fabrics I normally work with but I love them and they remind me of the sea.  They are called Daisy Chain by Amy Bulter.  She designs gorgeous fabrics.  This quilt will match perfectly in my friends house. 

I just have to make the back and then it's off to the quilters to be professionally quilted.  I've decided not to waste time quilting big quilts as I hate the process of basting and quilting.  Baby quilts are ok but after tackling the large one I made for her daughter I decided I was not going to do it again and that way I have more time to sew.

As I sit here typing up this post I have been drinking this disgusting drink that you have to take before having a colonoscopy which I'm having done tomorrow morning.  If you have ever had one done you will know what I'm talking about and if you haven't the drinks are disgusting and I don't want to have them again.........Blah!!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend.  Hope to visit you all soon.