Thursday, February 18, 2010


I love fabric and I have way too much and I shouldn't be buying anymore but I couldn't help myself.  I bought a kit to make this gorgeous quilt.  When I saw this quilt I fell in love and had to have the fabrics.  I will make it one day after I have finished all the other projects on my list.

Had a busy weekend it was Jarrod's birthday on Saturday he turned 11.  He invited a few friends over and they wanted KFC and pizza's.......yummy........there goes the diet again.

and speaking of diets.  I forgot to post about my weight loss after my 6 week check a few weeks ago.  Maybe because I wasn't that excited about it I didn't lose anything.  Well I lost half a kilo which is nothing to brag about.  Too much eating while we were away on holiday but at least I didn't put anything on.  I have dropped a dress size which I'm happy about and I feel alot better and have bought myself some new clothes.  I've been really good the last few weeks so fingers crossed I have a good result next weigh in.

The quilt I posted about in the previous post is now at the quilters  and I started on some orders.  One down........

Friday is my hubby's birthday we are going out for dinner.............oh no more food!!!! 

And I forgot to post about Julia's birthday.  She was upset with me that I didn't post about her birthday so here she is.  Her birthday was January 14 and she turned 9 years old.  We celebrated while we were at the beach house. 

Ok back to more sewing.  Have a great weekend.


mariondee-designs said...

Hi Carol, don't be too hard on yourself for not losing much weight. I think with Christmas and then going away ( I always over eat when we go away) and birthdays it would be very hard to do. I'm also like you I have way too much fabric but it's very hard not to buy anything new! Happy birthday to Jarrod and Julia, they grow up too quick and I hope Julia's finger is all better now. take care, Maryann

Tulip~Rose Quilt Shoppe said...

Hi Carol..

Happy Birthday to Julie and Jarrod!!...I hope they both had great days.
Don't beat yourself up about the weight loss..any loss is good! especially after Christmas lunch!! You will be back on track in no time!

I'm hearing you about the fabric!! I say that I am not going to buy anymore and next minute somehow more arrives in my stash!!

and I just love the looks beautiful..don't forget to take photos to share of yours when you have finished it!
Hope you have a great week

Alison Gibbs said...

You have been busy with so many things since christmas.- birthdays and poor Julias finger. Hope colonoscopy went well.
Diets are such a pain in the butt - something some of us have to struggle with forever (well I do anyway)
Have a great weekend

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Carol

You are right, at least you didn't put on weight, it takes time too loose it, you should indeed be proud you've dropped a dress size, now you'll have a good excuse to buy new clothes!

Happy Birthday to your family - wow sounds like a busy celebrating time

As for the material - think of it as an investment

xo Gail

A-M said...

Look at your gorgeous children! Happy Birthday to all! Thank you for your lovely comment over at my place... so nice to know that there are some kindred Mums out there! A-M xx PS don't be too hard on yourself with the weight... no gain is GOOD!

The Handmaden said...

Hi Carol,
You must nearly have that quilt finished by now right?:)
Congratulations on your weight loss, even half a kilo is an achievement considering how much harder it is to lose than to put on!