Thursday, October 20, 2011


We have a new member in the family.  Our budgie Penny had a baby and it came out of the nest last week but for some reason she attacked it so we took the baby budgie out and we have been mothering it since.  The mother is nesting again and I've been told that is probably the reason she attacked it.  This is our first time with breeding so we are still learning.

It is 6 weeks old and we don't know if it's male or female yet so the kids gave it a name to suit both male or female.  It's so cute and loves lots of cuddles.  It has it's own little blanky to snuggle with and it spends most of the time snuggling with the kids inside their jackets on their shoulder or inside the hood of their hoodies. 

Actually as I type this post it's sitting on my shoulder snuggled inside my jacket.  A very spoilt little bird. 

It hasn't learnt how to fly yet so it spends alot of type running after us to get back onto our shoulders. 

Meet Charlie.

Charlie on the right snuggling with it's mother.  They look like twins.

More snuggles.

Snuggled in her blanky having a sleep

Snuggled in Julia's jeans

Have a good week.