Monday, June 27, 2011


I finally finished my brothers quilt which I gave to him for his birthday on Saturday.  I've been working on it for over a year inbetween all my other projects and it's the biggest quilt I've made to date.  

I decided to machine quilt it myself after almost having a heart attack when being told how much it will cost to have it done by my local quilt shop.  They quoted me $150.00 which is crazy. 

At first I wasn't too happy about having to quilt it myself.  I was worried that it was too big and I'd have a hard time quilting it and that it would turn out horrible but I took my time and it turned out perfect no puckers at all.  I did have a few needles break on me and thread breakage which was very frustrating but I was so happy with the result it was all worth it.  I'm already planning the next one. 

It measures 180cm x 230cm.  I was going to add another row to the side to make it big enough for a double bed but I had enough of those blocks and just wanted to get it finished.  It's a great size to use on the couch on these freezing cold nights.  Anyway my brother loved it. 

Front of the quilt 

Back of the quilt which I almost like more than the front 

I was inspired to make the quilt after seeing this quilt made by the very talented Jacquie on flickr.  I emailed her and she was very  nice and told me what fabrics she used.  I love reading her blog she is very talented. 

Ok back to sewing.  I have a few cushions to do for a friend and a baby quilt for a baby shower that is coming up in July.

Have a great week.