Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pre-cut Fusible Hexie Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to use the Pre-cut fusible Hexies.
Supplies needed
Pre-cut hexies (I used 1 1/2" hexies)
Glue pen
3 1/2" square of fabric
Needle and thread
Iron a pre-cut hexie onto the 3 1/2" fabric square.
Using your scissors cut around the hexie leaving a 1/4" fabric allowance for folding.
Using your glue pen draw a line of glue at the top edge of one side of the fused hexie.  You can see the blue strip where I have placed the glue.
Fold down the fabric and press to stick.
Repeat on the next side.
Repeat again until all your sides are stuck down.
Turn over.  You now have a finished hexie. 
 You don't have to remove the fused hexie.  It is a thin interfacing and will wash away over time.
Sew your hexies together to make flowers, a pillow or a whole quilt.
These are very addictive.  If you try this method I would love to see them.  Please post photos on my facebook page.
I hope this tutorial was helpful.  If you have any questions please ask I am happy to help.

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