Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hi everyone I hope you all enjoyed the weekend.  I finally finished this quilt on Saturday for my friend Jenny who had a baby 9 weeks ago.  Her gorgeous daughter Grace was born 6 weeks prem and weighed just over 1kg.  She had to stay in hosptial for 6 weeks and it was a bit touch and go in the first week but she survived and is now very strong and healthy, weighing 3kg now.  I gave the quilt to Jenny last night and she loved it. 

I personalised it with her name and quilted it with straight lines.  Here is a close up of the lettering and quilting.  I love these fabrics and I love that crinkly look it has after being washed.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these quilts for your little one or as a present I am taking custom orders.  Email me for the price and details.  I can also make it in boy colours or any other colours if you prefer.

Here is baby Grace lying on her quilt she is soooooooo cute and tiny like a little doll.

The next project I'm working on this week are some cushions I'm going to give to a friend for Christmas.  I'm going to use these fabrics.  She has a plain creamy/beige doona cover on her bed so I'm hoping these fabrics will match nicely.  I will post photos when they are finished.

Before I start any sewing I need to tackle this pile of ironing that has been neglected for the last week.  So I better stop staring and start ironing.

Have a great week.


Natasha Burns said...

Your quilt is wonderful Carol! What a little cutie she is!
Don't fret, the ironing isn't going to run away. Creases and wrinkles are fashionable, didn't you know?!!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Carol Have fun with that pile of ironing - don't you just wish an Ironing fairy could just appear and do it all.
How cute the quilt you made for little Grace is - fabulous colours and design.
Look forward to seeing the one you are making next

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Carol

Love the quilt and isn't little Grace gorgeous!

Never mind about the ironing, although I'm lucky I don't have school uniforms or business shirts to do

have a great week

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Carol, Grace's quilt is just beautiful! What a lovely present. I think the colours of the fabrics will go really well with a creamy doona cover, I'm sure the cushions will look great! I always need to do ironing, infact I have a special ironing basket so if anybody can't find their clothes they'll know where to look as it always seems to be full! I hate ironing, I'd rather clean a whole house than iron... take care, Maryann

our shabby cottage said...

Hi Carol - the quilt is just gorgeous! She looks so tiny lying on it too - you forget how tiny they are - especially this little one.

Eileen said...

That quilt is so pretty and Grace is beautiful!
How sweet for her to now have such a wonderful keepsake!

Can't wait to see your cushions!
All the best,

Miss Rhea said...

What a sweet little quilt for a sweet baby !! You do lovely work :)

shabbydreaming said...

What a Gorgeous bubs!! and the quilt is just so beautiful!! your a clever gal!!!
hope your having a great weekend!!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

wow that is just amazing that quilt. And that is my youngest daugthers name too. You do such beautiful work!

Shabbyfufu said...

Beautiful baby and quilt too Carol. Happy Holidays to you! ~xo~ Janet