Monday, June 25, 2012

Pinwheels with a twist

My hubby finally finished painting Julia's furniture so I have been busy sewing decor for her room.  I made her some placemats to put on her side tables so they don't get scratched.  Wouldn't want to ruin them after all the work my hubby put into sanding them back and painting them.

Julia isn't into shabby chic decor anymore she likes red, pink and blue at the moment.  I went through my stash and found some gorgeous fabrics that go well together.  Here is one of the placemats, it just needs to be quilted.

Click on the photo to get a closer view

I'm making another one to match and I will make her a nice big quilt to go on her bed.  Hopefully that will be something I can get done before the end of the year.  I have a few orders to get done first. 

I love pinwheels and I thought I'd try something different with them.  This topper measures 40cm x 40cm and took me 3 hours to make..........yes 3 hours!!!!   Doesn't look like it but I timed myself and I didn't realise how long it takes with all the cutting and sewing and cutting and sewing.  Even though it took so long I'm really happy with it. 

I just had a thought.  3 hours for this small piece, omg imagine how long it will take to make a quilt to cover a double bed.  I better get cracking. 

For anyone that is interested I'm selling a few of my fabrics very cheap as I have way too many and I'll never be able to use them all.  Check out my Etsy store.

Have a great week.

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Vicki said...

Hi Carol. Looks great. How is the quilt top going?