Monday, June 28, 2010


The quilt top for baby Sebastian is finished.  I love how it turned out and how well the fabrics all go together.  It was a really quick and easy quilt to sew and I love how the fabrics stand out on the grey background.  I was going to use white as the background but the fabrics just didn't look right, I'm happy I went with the grey.  I have decided I'm going to get out of my comfort zone of straight line quilting and give stippling a go.  Stippling is an all over squiggly, swirly type pattern.  I'm going to have to do some practicing before I work on the real thing so for the next few days I will be practicing and hopefully I master the technique.  Be back with a finished quilt soon.

Have a great week.


Gail McCormack said...

It's fabulous Carol.

OK I believe you on the Stippling - not us with all the terms, I have seen it done and love it.

Happy quilting

Anonymous said...

Great job Carol! I love the colours & patterns. Good luck with the stipling. I'm more than sure you will do a fabulous job.
Have a great week.
S x

Alison said...

Carol that is such a great combo of fabrics and colours.
Love it.
Have fun during the school holidays.

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Carol, it looks lovely, so many pretty fabrics that really compliment each other. I'm sure you'll have no trouble stippling, from what I've seen! You do such lovely work! Thanks for visiting too and I totally agree with your first decision, if I had money to burn I'd rip out the whole lot and start again. But that ain't gonna happen so will have to wait and see. Take care, Maryann

Natasha Burns said...

have fun stippling! show us how you go!
love your new profile pic, looks great!
yes, i saw eclipse at the midnight session when it came out, lol! also saw twilight and new moon immmediately before it, so was at the movies for about 8 hours!
i'm going again next week with a friend, gold class this time.
you will love it, it's great. i think i'm going to like it better 2nd time around. lots of great moments, funny joke moments, and also bad wigs (Bella and Jasper come to mind)