Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well I finally got my sewing machine back yesterday after paying $70.00 to have it repaired which I wasn't happy about because I paid $90.00 a few months ago for it's 1 year service but it needed to be done.

Well anyway I was happily sewing away today and it died again!!!! I was so mad and swearing at it lucky the kids were at school. I took it back to the repairer today and they are going to have a look at it again. This sewing machine is my mum's which is over 25 years old so I think maybe it's time to update to a new one. I'll find out tomorrow the verdict and then I will go from there.

I'm very excited about buying a new one. I have been searching the Janome website and getting advice from people. Thanks Kathryn for your help. If anyone can give me some advice on a good sewing machine to buy please let me know.

I did manage to finish one cushion for one of my lovely customers before the sewing machine died.

Something I'm not angry about. Our leadlight got installed last week and I finally got around to taking a photo. I'm very happy with how it looks. I have this pattern on all the windows around the house. The guy we used did a very good job I highly recommend him. I couldn't get a good photo the sun wasn't out today.

As you can see I don't have much of a backyard left now that we have extended. My hubby wants to put in a swimming pool. You are probably thinking there is not much room for a pool but if we pull down the gazebo there will be room along the back fence to put a pool. Otherwise if we don't put in a pool we will make a nice outdoor entertainment area. We are still undecided.

Well can't do any sewing so I might go and tackle the big basket of ironing that has been sitting there for over a week.

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shabbydreaming said...

OHH NOOOO!! I cannot beileve that how upsetting!! and very frustrating for you!! Ive been waiting for some of your gorgeous cushions to pop up on your ebay, Im thinking of changing some of ours!!
Goodluck loking for a new machine

Ali said...

Oh so glad they arrived safe and sound. Glad she liked them also. Thanks for letting me know. Happy Mothers Day for Sunday. ox Ali

Antique Rose Designs said...

Hi Mandii thanks for your lovely comments. Hopefully I will get some listed soon or you can place an order with me. Have a great Mothers Day. Carol

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

WOW carol, those leadlights are amazing (droool). Must chase them up for our new front door as well, will put it on the list of things to do (its a long one!). Bad news about the sewing machine, I still have my Elna which I received for my 21st birthday and still goes beautifully after all these years. So thats the brand I recommend!
Alicia :0)